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Learning Through Values (LTV) resources

These pupil values cards were created by Lifeworlds as part of a national pilot project exploring values in England in 2013. They were modified and updated in 2018 and again in 2021.

The cards were designed to be used with learners aged 7-11 and are based on the Schwartz Values Map that forms part of our Learning Through Values programme.

This CoRE Diffraction explores the language and terminology used around values-based educations, looking specifically at virtues, character, morality and ethics.

It is written to support participants on our Learning Through Values programme.

Created by Lifeworlds to support communities on the Learning Though Values programme.

Contact us to purchase printed A3 or A2 copies.

A simplified version of the Schwartz Universal Human Values map was created to facilitate working with younger audiences (11-16 yrs) and reduces the values from 58 to 38, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the map and its relational qualities.

A blank copy of the Schwartz Universal Human Values map (2017 version) to aid learning through values.